A website is like having an identity and name for your business. Imagine yourself without name, seems weird right? It’s the same way with a website for a business. Your website is your permanent salesman, regardless of the time, day, weather or what-so-ever-reason. 

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Why is a website necessary for a small business?

There are a lot of reasons for the need of a website, but here are some of them:

People will look for you

If you are a start-up and the only advertising you are doing is ground advertising then your customer will not be able to find you. If you are not on the internet, it is more likely that the customer will hesitate in trusting you. People like to have information regarding your business on their fingertips instead of on brochures or flyers.

Your competition has one

Let’s assume that a person is looking up for your company on the internet and finds your competitor instead. In that case, losing a customer will be far more expensive than not having a website.

Relates to the customer

A website helps a customer to build a certain trust and relationship with your company. If a customer is on your website, they are basically a step away from interacting with you directly.


A website for small business helps you to make an online presence and create your brand on the web surface. It increases the visibility of your business. A website helps you to build an online presence and credibility.

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Best Practices of Successful Website for a small business

Websites should be customized according to the need of the product or service. It represents a company and if asked to different business owners, you may get different ideas, perspectives, and requirements. It is however important to stick to the basic elements while building a website. If these elements are not considered, the website may look unapproachable and unattractive, hence disappointing potential customers. Here are some basic elements to keep in mind while designing a website for a small business:


If your website is too shabby or untidy, then it needs redesigning. A website should be built keeping in mind what the customer is looking for and they should be able to navigate through it easily. As mentioned earlier, your website is your permanent salesman and should be presented in a decent manner as it represents your company to the world through the web surface.

Here is an example of a cluttered and flashy designed website:

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The irregularity of font in unappealing and the color scheme is way out. Nothing about this page seems correct; hence the customer will be unhappy.

Here is an example of a good designed website:

Creating Bee - Web Design Firm In Houston, TX
Creating Bee – Web Design Firm In Houston, TX

The design shown above seems easy to understand and attractive to look at. The color scheme is also calm and appealing, due to which the customer will navigate through the website and try to get in touch, thus turning it into a sales lead.

Call to Action

CTA (call to action) buttons, banners and other elements that motivates the customer to perform an action on your website, in turn grabbing the attention of the customer. This element is very useful on website for a small business. It can be either a button requesting for a quote for certain service that your company provides or a button encouraging the customer to contact you. This feature should be highlighted as shown below:

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While making a ‘CTA’ button, the size of the button is also bought in consideration. They should stand out on the website but should not look inappropriate. They should be placed in distinguished areas on the webpage, either on the top of the page or in the contact forms and they should be color contrasted. 


Web navigation refers to the process of navigating the website of a particular business. The development of website navigation maximizes its usability. It allows the customer to navigate within the different pages of a website according to their desire. Navigation is not restricted to computers; it should be easily accessible on mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Visuals and Texts

It is necessary to write genuine content on the website.  It should consist of relevant information, frequently asked questions, and answers that might be useful for the customers to understand more about your company. Make sure that the information provided is essential and keeps the customer engaged and also increased the credibility of your website. 

Presenting certain visuals or images that are related to the text information provided on the website. Try to get personally designed or personally clicked pictures for your page, as the pictures that you pick from the internet won’t look genuine. Hiring a professional photographer to take quality pictures on an everyday basis is not ideal. Not all small businesses have the capital to invest in professional services for pictures. Nowadays, smartphones have high-quality cameras which allow us to take good images too.

Digital Marketing

The days when people used ground marketing and advertising are in the past. But now the website is the main weapon of marketing. In today’s world, digital marketing is an important means of advertising. The easiest platform for it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. This is when SEO (search engine optimization) comes into consideration. 

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Taking proper advantage of keywords and working progressively on them. Engage in building backlinks for your website. When you do SEO for your website, it appears on the first page of Google. The better the SEO, the better is the ranking of your website, thus increasing the chances of traffic and eventually sales.

How can I get a website for a small business?

Make it yourself

Technology has taken a leap and these services are readily available. You can customize and design the website according to your choice. Ready themes are available and all the editing can be done easily by adding the desired text and images, but all this will have certain limitations. All ready themes are not designed according to your preferences. This sort of web builders offers free trial services for a certain time. They also provide you with the desired domain and hosting. 

But there are certain drawbacks to the same:

  • They usually don’t offer back up.
  • The downloading speed of the website is slow.
  • Hosting is shared with a lot of other people.
  • Designs and customization have limitations.

Hire a Freelancer

You can purchase a theme and hire a freelancer from freelancing platforms and get a website customized according to your needs. Now, these freelancers are not particularly in the same country so it’s a little difficult to get hold of them. It will require a lot of back to back communication for both to agree on certain arrangements. Only the design without SEO can cost you around 3-6k. You can surely find webmasters to do that for you for less, but you should you with someone who is ready to go an extra mile for you.

Full-Service Agency

These agencies can build a website for small businesses for a certain price and for a monthly fee. By hiring an agency like ours, you can communicate and express you can request your changes as and when you need it. This is the most effective option if you require a full-fledged website with high-quality graphics and analysis. If the agency is like CreatingBee, we strongly support small businesses and start-ups and help them to establish an online presence and introduce a new brand to the world. 

Most common concepts for building a website for a small business:

  1. Domain – it is the name of your website that includes the name of your business or your identity.
  2. Content – it is the system to edit and manage your website.
  3. Hosting – it is a rented place on the internet where a website’s data is stored.
  4. Analytics – it is used to track the traffic and the number of leads received from a website. 

When building a website either by yourself or getting it done by someone else, the above information should always be taken into consideration. If you are new to this, it may take a lot of research. The process of learning the codes for the website itself is tedious. So rather than spending your time learning new skills, it is better to hire an agency or an expert to help you with all your needs, so you can focus on your business.

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Can’t get the domain you want

Now a lot of businesses have the similar kind of names. If you unable to get the name of your business, you might need to twist the name of the domain a little bit. For example if the name of your business is Super Nails and the domain name for that name is already taken, so you can consider supernailshouston.com, by adding a location at the end of the domain. If the domains are sold out you can also contact the person who has purchased the domain in case they want to sell it to you. You can get options for domains on GoDaddy.com or domain.google.com and purchase it from there.

Having issues with Coding, Visuals, Content

Not everyone is born with the talent to code. It is not an easy task, either way with the improved technology now, coding is not really necessary and a webpage can be build based on a certain theme. 

If writing is not your forte, don’t sweat, you can hire freelance content writers, who can write content for a minimal fee. As mentioned earlier, your products instead of getting stock images from the internet or click pictures from a high definition phone camera. Invest in getting professional help for pictures can literally give a boost to your portfolio.


Need a website for a small business? Contact us today here.

Websites are the present and future. The world depends on the internet for almost everything now. If a business is new, it needs to have a strong web presence so that it can be reached out by potential clients at any time and thus making it more trustworthy for them and giving strong competition to all its competitors. Not having a website is close to losing clients, trust, and credibility. Eventually, you aren’t doing this for you, but for your potential customers for the best experience when they visit your website. Those being said, get your #1 Permanent Salesman today!