12Oct, 2018

2018 is the best time for the people who have skills to do something and would like to share their skills on a platform. Now what platform will work best for you is a different story but what if I tell you there is one simple thing that you can do and that will make your life much easier and even attract opportunities towards you? Sounds nice right. That thing would be a Blog & below I will share with you 5 simple steps of how to setup a blog.

This is the best time to start your own blog and reserve your space on the internet. The simplest thing that will help you gain exposure to the world and attract potential opportunities. Alright, so you made your mind that you are going to get your own Blog and show the whole world what you are capable of but the problem is that how to make it possible. Trust me it has never been easier to setup a blog than it is now. Below are the 5 simple steps that you need to follow, and you will end up having a beautiful website, just as you wanted it.


Name your Blog

Your step would be hunting a name for your blog that is easy to remember and can tell people what it is all about. Your domain name should not be misguiding for example A guy named Shawn, he is awesome plumber and can do all sort of plumbing work and he decides to have a blog, while he was looking for the available names he found out that all the names that he wanted are already gone or are premium domains which costs a fortune and he registers something Now every time he tries to promote that website people are thinking that website is selling pipes online. Instead of doing that he could have bought or – These names would make perfect sense of what is offered on the website.

I would prefer that you buy your domain names with these 2 domain registrars because I am using both and none of them has let me down ever:

They both are good, and both have good deals. If you never had a domain with Godaddy then you might be able to get the 99cents deal that they have for the new domain names.

Get a Room for your Blog

After getting the domain name, the next step is buying hosting for your website. Hosting is nothing but some space over a hard drive on a server that you need to buy to park your website. You don’t want to save money on this expense because cheap hosting come with a lot of trouble like down time, lack of space, lack of bandwidth. It can ruin all your effort of writing or producing content plus the marketing time that you invested onto it because cheap ones can’t handle heavy traffic.

For hosting I would recommend only:

And that’s where I am hosting all my websites and just for your information I have like 15 different websites 😉 and I highly satisfied with the hosting itself as well as their customer service.

Get the Engine

It’s the time to reveal the secret, you need to download free copy of WordPress from its official website. It is really very simple:

  • Download the zip file and extract it on your desktop.
  • Upload all the files from the WordPress folder to your web hosting root folder by using FileZilla
  • On your cPanel, got Database and create a new database with a user.
  • Everything done, just browse your website and it should land you to a setup page.
  • Follow the on screen instructions and copy paste the name of your database, user and password when setup prompts.

Also consider reading 10 KICK-START WAYS TO DRIVE INSTANT TRAFFIC to know more on how to get instant traffic to your newly setup wordpress blog.

Choosing a Dress for your Blog

Now that your website is ready to go, it is the time to give your website a nice design so that it can retain people and interact with them just as the ATM machine does. No one gets tired of using an ATM machine you know.

There are a lot of places where you can buy pre-made themes for your website you can google that or hire someone like Shahzad Shahab that is me to design an awesome, unique and a theme which nobody can use but you. Or if you are not okay with buying a theme then you can go with free themes that are on the WordPress website.

Refine your Territory

Now this Blog is all yours, nobody can take it down, just make sure that you don’t anything illegal because YES, LAW CAN TAKE IT DOWN !! but other than that, you don’t have to worry about anything. Just do what you do and post it on your blog.

This step is optional but in a long run you will need to add some plugin to your blog that will help you in publishing and marketing stuff:

  • All in One SEO for WordPress (This plugin helps for your blog SEO)
  • Envira Gallery Plugin (Awesome Image Galleries)
  • Jet Pack for WordPress (Give you basic but awesome functions like social sharing and fast cache etc)

All done folks! Let me know if you are having troubles or need any assistance in setting up your blog.

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