Ever wonder why is your website speed test showing slower speed? The answer is really simple, it lacks speed. Now there are hundreds of reasons why your website lacks speed but in this article, we will share tips and tricks on how you can actually speed up your WordPress website and improve your website’s search engine optimization.

1. Analyze initial website speed test results.

This is really an important step in troubleshooting the speed results for your website. You need to able to figure out the problem before you can fix it. We recommend the GTmetrix’s website speed checker. The test results will show you what scripts, actions or events on your website speed are affecting its load speed.

2. Check the solution recommended by GTmetrix

Now you can see what scripts or files are causing speed to longer times. As shown in the image below:

If we work on the Defer parsing of JavaScripts, we can improve our speed to somewhere about 5-6% faster than before. From here we can click on the blue button saying “What’s this mean?”, it will show you what can be done to fix this issue, as shown in the below image:

3. Use WP Rocket For Faster Website Loading

Wp Rocket is one of the leading caching plugins for WordPress, with more than 1 million+ downloads this plugin can help you limit your cache for specific file types, images, combine CSS, HTML and JavaScripts and much more. Wp Rocket comes with 14-days money-back guarantee so you can get a refund in the trial period in case you are not satisfied with its results.

4. Add Expire Headers

If you don’t want to use Wp Rocket then you might want to consider adding a plugin called Add Expired Headers. This creates a layer of cached files to be saved on your visitor’s computer and you can set when that cached information is supposed to be renewed.

5. Minifying Is The Key To Improve Website Speed!

Try combining everything and anything which falls under CSS, HTML, and JavaScripts files, since all the information gets combined in just one file it helps a lot to improve your website speed test results to 90% and higher. Just make sure that sometime this process tends to break some or more elements of your website that may result in a broken website front end. Make sure that you backup everything before you make any major change\upgrade or modification to your up and running website.


In conclusion, we would say that modifications and the amount of work to be done on the website vary from hosting to hosting. so make a decision and start working on your website loading timing. If you want to improve your website speed up to A grade, you can contact Creatingbee and they will be more than happy to assist you.

If you guys have any point which could be worth sharing, do drop them in the comments section down below.